Rents Touched the New heights in Two Years

September 18th, 2010

The rents are at the highest level at the present time in London, England – The United Kingdom because of the increase in the demand of the homes by the tenants for last months. People are now also trying to get on the property ladder as there are lot of potential tenants who have the buying capacity as they are the first time buyers. As landlords are selling their properties to have their gains as assuming the present time is the right to achieve their financial targets. Now the average age of twenty two years people are interested to invest in the property sector as soon as possible as it’s their preference to live in their own home in the coming few years. People are also opting for the sharing scheme as available from some of the property developers in London and also in the other locations of England and all over the United Kingdom.

Property Prices in London England – The UK

August 10th, 2010

Recently the prices of the houses in the United Kingdom have started to fall as according to the RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors analysis. Even lot of other surveyors have different views as they didn’t see any change in the last few months. According to the survey the downturn is noticed since the month of July of the last year. There is huge demand in the property in Wales making it the strongest in the United Kingdom with the same around twenty five percentage of the surveyors noticed the downturn in the prices of the house. The recent survey is showing the prices of the houses are again down but the sterling is becoming strong as compare to the last month and couple of years. So it is also the positive factor for the businesses and economic development of the country. Property developers are building new properties including homes, houses, flats and new apartments in the central London, England – the United Kingdom as leaving the recession behind and the other sectors are also in the same direction and improving their portfolio of the clients and providing the services to the different sectors to boost their businesses. Buying new property in England is the right decision as the property market is moving upwards even at the low speed but it is towards the right direction after a long time. I will write more about the recent property developments in and around the city London – England – the United Kingdom in the coming days.

London Property Market News

June 24th, 2010

The Fabric NightClub has been bought by the Private investor Gary Kilbey from the administration. Colin Haig and David Chubb from the priceWaterHouseCoopers as administrators announced the same in morning today itself as said for an undisclosed amount the London Club had been sold to the Fabric Life Ltd which is also a company incorporated with Kilbey as the main shareholder around fifty six days before, 8 weeks before, in the start of the month the club was placed into the administration and now as said by the Chubb that this Fabric and Iconic London Club will be staying open and continuing the entertainment process as ususal. Lot of people will be benefited by the sale of this business because of this step has saved their jobs at this difficult time. Property developers are doing their best to attract the investors from all around the World to invest in the financial city London. Property market starting to rise again now in London, England – the United Kingdom.

Property Market Analysis

April 21st, 2010

As in the starting of the year 2010 the property market was dip but now it has started to come back at and rising again, the analysis shows that if compare with the year 2007 then in this year more sellers are ready and tried to sell their homes no doubt the reason behind the same is that the prices of the property market started to rise more and so sellers want to grab this chance and coming forward to sell their properties after a long time of waiting. Also in the property news according to the CML – Council of Mortgage Lenders also the people are getting more loans as compared to the last month. Now the property sector is coming out from its depressed time. Prices are also higher but according to the body of the surveyor’s the situation will be smooth and stabilize in the coming time as by the mid of the year 2010.

In any business as say Property Sector, Food Market or any other related sector is always affected by the political situation of the country and at moment the scenario is same as elections are on the way and so the uncertainty is rising and more people are coming to sell their properties. In the last year also prices risen at significant level. If all goes rightly then the chances are good to see the rise in the both sides of the property sector and all other sectors also as first time new home buyers and the people who want to sell their properties. New Property developments in London, England and all around the United Kingdom are going on by the different property developers. And there is other great news in the construction sector is ‘The Orbit Tower’ which is to be build at the 2010 Olympic site in Stratford, London, England – The United Kingdom. Investment in property sector is a big and wise decision and the returns are also safe and good yes sometime you have to hold if the economic condition of the area or any nation not in your favour and then have to wait to let the scenario change and the you can proceed to sell or buy the property you like.

New Property Developments – Prices – London – England – The UK

March 18th, 2010

Now Property developers are again busy in constructing the new buildings including the new residential homes, houses, flats, studio flats, apartments, Villas and also the new commercial buildings in the city London, England – the UK and all other parts of the United Kingdom. And this move as of starting the process of building new properties by the builders as again after the long time recession not only in the United Kingdom even you can notice in almost all around the World i.e.; in Europe, Arab Countries, Middle East, Asia, The United States and Africa so it give a massage that the recession is the thing of past not much but the economy has started to recover as with the help of the all sectors of the market and if we talk about the Real Estate sector then it is the Back Bone of they any nation or country, if this sector is growing then you can get the idea that the economically that particular country or nation is going to be develop and economically more stronger than before. The need of the infrastructure is in demand only when all the sectors are growing at the right and at the genuine speed only because of that speed only the other sectors have to find the location and then the property which is already constructed on that location or to find the good property developers and then get the help from them as after choosing the right one form that developers as according to the results and quality of their previously constructed and developments as they made till the time.

Presently as according to the new data in the month of January the house prices in the city London and also in the South East part of the city were behind in the average return from the investment in the Real Estate sector if compared to the other parts of the UK – the United Kingdom. As according to the data from the last ten years the prices of the residential properties has increased by the 105 % – One Hundred and Five Percent as if compared to the average house prices £81,596 – Pound Eighty One Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety Six of the year 1999 to the year last year 2009 with the price of £167,020 – Pound One Thousand Sixty Seven thousand and Twenty Rupees. The eighty percent rise in the prices in the city London during that time and the eighty five percent rises noticed in the same period of time for the South East region of the City and with the same if we see the region of Wales that part also doubled with the percentage of the one hundred and 30 percent including the North part with the one hundred and twenty two and one hundred twenty respectively during the same period of the time as data gathered and compared with the other parts of the UK – United Kingdom. Now again the new home builders are seeking the right location for their new construction or new property developments which they want to construct during this year and also in the coming years. The construction business is also providing a lot of employment to many of the people from all around the world and if we see in the city London, England, the UK there are always demand of the laborers in this sector from all around the year except the one week or ten days of the December as the Christmas days and except these days you can see the city London is always busy in the construction of the new buildings including residential properties and also the commercial properties and so engaging the all kind of people seeking employment in the city as cleaners, laborers, skilled laborers, handy mans, carpenters, crane operators, plumbers, electricians, engineers and all kind of other trades related to the construction industry.

Investment in the property market is the wise decision as the first thing as positive is that you don’t need any hard work after investing in the quality build new homes at the right location but yes before investing in the property sector you need a lot of hard work and research as only on this task or process your investment return depends as which will bring the good returns for you in the future or at the particular time. And you know that the property prices has again increased considerably even after the downfall till the end of the decade as that time it was not sure when the market will turn or move again to rise in the prices. The residential or commercial sector also need some patience too if you really want to gain from the Real Estate market and take step wisely and with the right discussions and consultancy with the professionals who have the right and updated knowledge related to the property market and the laws relating to this market.

Property in an Island in the Bahamas

March 11th, 2010

Few days before was reading the news about own a property in the Island in the online news paper and its really great to read it all as also bit different as in both way as firstly the property is not in the city or in any town as it’s in the Island and the other is the price of this amazing property in the Island which no doubt make it and stand it different from the normal properties, really if have money anyone would like to have such kind of property and make a deal. The location is Great Whale Cay which is thirty minutes away by boat from the Nassau and the next thing is price of this Island and that is not much for the Big Names in the world or for any Tycoons as it easy for them to buy it as its for sale for Pound fifty million only. As this location chosen by the property developers is really an appreciable an a great decision which will attract the big investors from the World who have the passion for the such kind of ultimate, unique and fabulous location with a great property development.

It is also the point that its not always or often we see the chance to see or listen that a whole Island comes up for sale in the Bahamas this is one alone Island is full with many features as with the deep water moorings and also with the substantial cliffs as its the one of the Caribbean’s Best Beach. In the Forties the Duke and Duchess of Windsor has also visited this L Shaped and eight hundred and fifty acre Island which belonged to “Joe” Carstairs, Heiress of the Standard Oil Fortune. This property also includes some of the historic buildings such as – Church, Lighthouse and Great House, rare flora and also fauna and including diving and the water sports. The private paved airstrip makes it really a valuable and such a rare opportunity as according the Giles gale of Estate AgencySavills. With the consent to construct and develop the land into the luxury and private Island resort also with resort homes, hotel, marina and that is with the commercially operated airstrip too. So it’s true that this property as Island is really an attraction for the investors, tourists and new property developers dealing in the new property developments and always looking for a great opportunity and so this is the time they will definitely like to try and grab such kind of location with a property. It is really rare to find such kind of property usually in such a great location which give you really a peace of mind and also the satisfaction from your investment in such an ultimate property.

New Residential Properties For Sale

December 19th, 2009

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